Welcome to the
Greater Collegedale School System


We want to extend a warm welcome to all students and families within and those seeking information about the Greater Collegedale School System (GCSS). As the principals of the three schools that make up the GCSS we, with our faculty and staff, aim to “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

The administration, faculty, and staff of the GCSS seek to partner with students and families to help each child develop a vibrant, growing, and strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want to see that our GCSS children and youth choose to follow and live for Him each day. With this goal and proactive intentionality we believe that all the rest of the pieces that make up a successful school program will come into proper balance. In our academics, fine arts, athletics, social activities and community service opportunities we want to seek and honor God in all we do.

Please contact us and connect with us. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your family in the education of your children.

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December 7, 2016
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Sharon & Mark Houghton

CA Parents
“Collegedale Academy blesses our entire family. Our kids come home from school sharing ways they’ve learned to live out their faith. Those experiences come from the traditional academic classes; not only religion classes or their daily worships with the entire student body. The teachers take special interest in our kids’ daily lives; finding ways to connect and mentor them. We grow in our faith as we experience our children growing in theirs. We are thrilled that we – our kids and us as parents – are a part of the CA family!”
Goolsby Pic

Lisa Goolsby

AWS Parent
“It's the best experience - excellent teachers, world class resources, Christian environment, and your children will be surrounded by a community and family that cares for them.”

Chery Guider

CAMS 6th Grade Teacher
“I began my career working in the public school system, which was a great experience.  There was a major area lacking in my experience and that was the ability to share my love for Jesus with my students.  My first experience was as a parent (my son and daughter are alumni of the Greater Collegedale School System). I loved the programs CA and AWS offered; this was before CAMS existed.  I was excited to join the excellent team of teachers who not only were experts in their educational fields, but also demonstrated a personal relationship with the Lord.”

Grant Graves

CA History Teacher
“Family. The staff at CA always come out and help people move out and move into new homes. I know because my wife and I have moved three times in 5 years, and each time the staff have come out, rolled up their sleeves, and worked hard. It's the same at school. Last year the SA members went around during lunch and sat with kids who were sitting by themselves. High school is a hard time, and I love to see my students reaching out and taking care of each other. We have many great students who pray with each other, decorate each other's locker on birthdays, and support each other through hard times. When one of my students had a medical emergency that kept him out of school, tons of students signed a get well card, and we had a special prayer for him in chapel. Like most families we aren't perfect, but we love each other.”
kelly klein

Kelly Klein

AWS 3rd Grade Teacher
“AWS has unparalleled resources. Each classroom is equipped with an Activboard for teacher and student use, student computers, and a teacher laptop. The school is even looking at purchasing iPads for classroom centers. AWS also has a Learning Shop taught by Melissa Amerall. She completes testing for our school, tutoring, and provides instructional opportunities and resources for struggling students.”

Kendra Stanton Lee

AWS Parent
“When you send your child to AWS, you are joining a family that cares deeply about nurturing a child in his/her academic development and faith. The teachers become your family, the administration are your family, you are strongly connected in prayer and mission. It is invaluable and I would encourage any parent to strongly consider Spalding as a place to launch their child's educational journey.”  
biggs 2

Summer & Chris Biggs

MECC Parents
“We chose MECC because of the caring, attentive, Christian teachers and staff.  We also loved that our son would be able to attend the same school system from Montessori-12th grade.”